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5 Simple Tips On Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Your home furniture is an investment that you should take good care of. Without it, your living space would look empty and will not be usable. They are important assets that should be maintained at all cost.

One way to prolong their lifespan is to keep them spotless and clean. If you think that your sofa is not getting the love and attention it deserves, be sure to follow these cleaning pointers:

  1. Schedule an annual deep cleaning

Homeowners usually do a regular space cleaning, including dusting the furniture. Although this is a good practice, it is still not enough. Dusting can eliminate the dust and dirt on the surface of the furnishings, but the inside of it need some deep cleaning. Try to schedule a furniture deep cleaning on an annual basis. You can do this by yourself or you can get a cleaning company specializing in sofa cleaning services in Dubai. These cleaning companies have the manpower and equipment to get the job done.

  1. Keep it covered


Sofas and other clothed furniture are susceptible to dirt and dust buildup since the material is exposed. To prevent the material from staining and soiling, it would be best to put a cover on it. Putting a furniture cover would save you from reupholstering your furnishings whenever they get dirty. There are furniture covers available in the market. Just be sure to get a cover that would fit the furnishing’s size. Or you can just have it made customized so you can pick a color and material that you love.


  1. Keep your feet off the sheets


Some homeowners have a bad habit of putting their feet and shoes on the furnishing. Not only that this is bad etiquette, but it is also bad for your furniture. Dirt from the shoes can be easily transferred to your clothed furniture. As much as possible, remind family member to keep their feet off the furniture whether it is made of cloth or not.


  1. Keep your pets off the sofa


Fur strands from pets are not only hard to remove but they can also be harmful to your body. Be sure to keep your furry friends off the sofa and other clothe furniture. If this is not possible, get a hair remover brush to remove unwanted fur off your furniture.


  1. Store it properly


If your furniture is up for storage, don’t just put it in the basement for storage. You need to pack it thoroughly to ensure that dirt and dust will not accumulate in the material.

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