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5 Things You Need To Know About White Tea

When we think of tea, the first thing that comes to mind are green and black tea. But there is another one that is less popular but is also a must-try for tea enthusiasts. The white tea is considered the less processed among the three types of tea. But because it is less processed, it contains high levels of nutrients in them.

If you are wondering what benefits this kind of tea provides, be sure to read on this list of benefits:

  • Full of antioxidants


One of the best benefits of drinking white tea is that it can help you to flush out toxins in your body. Since white teas are less processed, it retains most of its nutrients, including antioxidants. And with high levels of antioxidants, you can be sure that your body will reap from its benefits. Your body will be free from harmful radicals and rejuvenate your body’s cells.


  • Good for your pearly whites


Some people ward off drinking tea because of its acidic content. But you can still enjoy the goodness of tea and still make sure that your pearly whites are protected by drinking white tea. White teas contain fluoride, catechins and tannins that can help protect your teeth from harmful bacteria and prevent plaque as well. So a cup a day would definitely help combat mouth bacteria.


  • Fights cancer and other illnesses


Teas are known to help the body to prevent certain illnesses. White teas contain compounds that can help strengthen your normal cells and lessen the chances of contracting diseases like cancer and heart ailments. A lot of studies corroborated that white teas are known to battle lung and colon cancer. It can also help you to maintain your heart’s health since it can help prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol.


  • Good for your bone


White teas can also help you to strengthen your bones. Harmful radicals and inflammation can cause bone degeneration. But since white teas contain high anti-inflammation agents, it can help your body to promote bone growth and lessen the risk of osteoporosis.


  • Keeps your skin young

Aging skin is cause by free radicals and unhealthy lifestyle. But drinking a cup of white tea and switching to a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent internal aging and retain your youthful glow. It can also help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin look young.

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