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5 Safety Measures For Workers Operating In Heights

Fall accidents in construction sites are considered as some of the most fatal construction injuries, according to The Center for Construction Research and Training. And most of these accidents are due to failure to follow the standards set by the construction companies, governing agencies, and OSHA.

If there are tasks involving operating and working at great heights, it is a must for site managers to implement safety measures and precautions to help lessen the chances of meeting accidents, especially when operating high above ground. Try this list of five safety measures that can help avoid falling accidents and injuries:

  1. Provide safety and operational guidelines


This is important, not only to employees operating at great heights. Having a clear set of guidelines will help workers work efficiently while on site, thus, reducing the chances of meeting work-related accidents. In the case of workers operating in high places, the guidelines should specify the appropriate tools and gear to use, the appropriate workwear, and how work should be done above the ground.


  1. Train the workers to use the equipment properly


The most common equipment used by workers operating in high areas are the crane and the scaffolding. It is crucial for the workers to know how to use these pieces of equipment properly to avoid fall accidents and injuries. Apart from the operational guidelines, site managers should provide equipment manuals to inform workers on proper usage and maintenance.


  1. Conduct equipment inspection from time to time


Part of ensuring the safety of workers is to guarantee that the equipment being used is in top condition. Be sure to check the condition of the equipment on a regular basis. For scaffolding equipment, check for damage on the boards, handrails and fittings. Perform immediate repairs and replacements to prolong the lifespan of the equipment.


  1. Make the place obstruction-free


Aside from fall accidents, items toppling and falling from above can cause serious injuries. This can be prevented by making sure that the space is debris and obstruction-free. Instruct the workers to keep their tools and equipment in place, especially for people working at height.


  1. Get top-notch safety equipment and gear

Aside from making sure that the safety and operational guidelines are being implemented, it is also a must for managers to provide safety equipment and workwear for individuals working in dangerous zones such as construction sites. Consult with safety products suppliers in UAE to know the appropriate equipment needed for workers working on high platforms.

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