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The difference between sportswear and active wear

Many people confuse active wear with sportswear, in reality they are both different types of attire for the individuals that have a more active lifestyle. Active wear are the clothes or attires that have been made for the objective of moving from exercise wear to casual wear. Sportswear, on the other hand, are clothes specifically designed for players to wear while playing a particular sport.

Active wear

These are the clothes or garments that assist in offering style as well as function and comfort. They are created with sustainable materials. These include crew neck fleece sweaters, yoga pants, hoodies and parkas etc. The objective of these clothes is that the person first exercises and then causally can also be a part of informal social gatherings without the need to change clothes. The individuals who lead a rather active life and prefer to wear casual clothes mostly opt for active wear. The active wear provides them with the comfort and mobility they require with style as a bonus. Accessories and different kinds of footwear are also included in active wear.

Sports wear

These are shoes, accessories and clothes that are specifically designed for athletes in regards to sports. The sportswear needs to provide certain functions such as comfort, thermal properties, specific fabric weights, sustainability and numerous other properties suitable for different sports. Many clothes such as swim wear have water resistant properties. Some of them have spandex which allows the clothes to stretch with the body and many others have thermal properties in order to keep the body of the athlete warm in colder climates and cool in warmer climates. They are not very stylish and are rather inappropriate for social gatherings. Many countries produce high quality clothes such as sportswear shops in Dubai.

Sportswear also includes sports equipment of gear. Like helmets, trainers and American football armor for the body. Sports equipment in Dubai are of very high quality. Sportswear includes leotards, sports bras, polo shirts and wet suits etc. The key function of this kind of attire is to provide the athlete with ample mobility and protect him or her from injuries plus the sportswear also works as a uniform for a team or a particular sport. For example, the sportswear for golf is very different from any other clothes.

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